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Visual checking of electronic panels

Brazed panel overall visual investigation.

Preparation for the production of electronic parts.

Experienced colleagues are at your service to do the brazed jointings.


Visual control

Visual control of supplied and manufactured parts (at the partner or at our premise)

With the visual and profile-based checking previous to built-in, elaborating and utilization, we eliminate the wrong parts so we raise the quality index of production procedures.

With the final examination we reduce the customers’ refusals and complaints so the quality index raises.



Checking of incoming products

Control of supplied parts also in case of not faulty products. (at the partner)

We assume the examination of the incoming procucts according to the required take-over parameters.

With profile-based and caliper measurement and with other instrumental measurements we eliminate the wrong parts to get into the production.



Supporting of series production

Our colleagues quickly pick up the know-hows of production. (at the partner)

After that they can be applied in series production or in other production procedures. With their high-quality work they ensure the required quality parameters and the required amount.




Aesthetic repairing, dry sanding, sraping and other transforming. With the takeover of simple transformings we create the opportunity to our clients to rearrange the disengaged capacity to the improvement of production.



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Visual checking and repairing of electronic panels, Visual control, Checking of incoming products, Supporting of series production, Aesthetic repairing, dry sanding, sraping and other transforming
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